Group booking?

If you’d like to reserve a table for a group larger than 8 people please get in touch today. Deposit to secure your booking may be required for a large booking, which will be refunded at the time your full party arrived.


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Terms & Conditions

For all reservations & booking

Once your booking is confirmed, please be advised that we'd love to serve you to the best of our abilities, therefore we asked you to cooperate with us, therefore arriving on time if not before for your booking, we will take no responsibility should your service be delay due to your late arrivals. Should you or your party not arrive within 15 minutes or notify us within that time period. Otherwise, Aroy Thai Restaurant reserved all the right to release your booking should there be other parties who wish to dine at our restaurant.


Due to our Alcohol Licensing, we are only allow our patrons/ customers to bring in wine and no other beverages should be brought into our premise, should we found any other beverages not being sold by our restaurant, we  reserved the right to fine you and ask you to leave the premise without any prior notice.

For Large Group Booking

Due to limited amount of seats available within our restaurant, should you require a booking of more than 8 people in one booking, we will require a deposit of $60 prior to confirmation of the booking, which will be refunded upon your arrival or can go towards your bill, given that all members of your party are dining at the restaurant. If for whatever reason your party has not all arrive upon the confirm time of your booking, we will assess the situation and may refund part of or none of your deposit, therefore please ensure that you're booking/ confirm the correct number of people, as it does has an affect on our business.

Thank you very much for your understanding.